Settling into newborn parent life (whether it's your first or 5th time) is always an adjustment! It's so common for your brain to feel completely scrambled those first couple of weeks. I wanted to put together a list of what to expect and what you need to be prepared for when you schedule a newborn photo session, so you don't forget anything!

Planning ahead

Just baby photos or family and siblings too? - First family photos are special, I always vote yes to those! We'll plan what to wear (I have a client closet with dresses perfect for mom!) and discuss what background options you will have in the studio. If you want baby only, just let me know ahead of time!

What would you like to do with your images? - Make a plan for prints and products beforehand. Consider a canvas print of baby in the nursery, or a new family photo framed for the living room.

Plan out colors and props - When considering where you'll display your photos, think through the color schemes you have in your home. Then you can pick wrap colors for baby that will result in photos that match your decor! Also let me know if you are hoping for a specific type of prop like a bucket or tiny bed so I can make sure we do it!


The studio will be HOT - Please dress accordingly, as the studio will be very warm in hopes of keeping the tiny baby sleepy!

Plan on feeding baby when you arrive - Even if baby just needs topped off, we will try feeding first thing! Whatever we can do to get a super sleepy baby.

Family Photos first - If we’re doing family photos we will do those first thing, then move on to baby only poses.

Newborn sessions can last 2-4 hours - Depending on baby's sleepiness and cooperation, our session could take a while, so plan on hanging out! I have plenty of patience for your little one, and we will let baby lead the session. If dad or siblings need to step away after their part of photos is done they are welcome to; my building has a corridor on the first floor with some tables and chairs, or they can take a stroll down Main Street and come back when we’re done!

Special Items - I am happy to work special items into our photo session, I just ask for a heads up so I can brainstorm ideas on how to incorporate them!

baby girl newborn photos
macro newborn photography
baby boy newborn photo

What to bring

  1. Baby - Don't forget this one! Bringing them in a zipped or button up sleeper is best so we don't have to pull a onesie off over their head if they are sleepy already.
  2. Extra Milk/Formula - I recommend bringing extra food in a bottle for baby in case we need it for soothing.
  3. Pacifier - If you're open to it, I would recommend having one on hand to help sooth baby into position if other soothing techniques aren't working. Using one a couple of times with me shouldn't mess up their latch if you're trying to breastfeed, but totally mom's call!

And that's it! I have everything else that we need for our photoshoot. Wraps, headbands, buckets, baskets, diapers, wipes. No need to bring any outfits as we will have baby either wrapped, covered, bare or in one of my outfits the whole time.