When planning to take maternity photos there are a few things to consider! Pregnancy brain has most mommas in a fog in the second trimester, so I created a short list of things to prepare so you don't overlook something. All expecting mamas literally GLOW during pregnancy (even if you don't feel like you look amazing, you totally do!) and we want to cherish this moment before it's gone.

Preparing for your maternity photo session

  1. Estimate bump timing - In general, short mamas can show much earlier than tall mamas! Consider number of pregnancies too, first-time mamas don't usually show as early as with a 2nd or 3rd baby. Maternity photos usually get scheduled between 27-32 weeks!
  2. Outfit ideas - Long flowy dresses photograph beautifully for maternity photos, they create great movement. Start with mom's dress, then match dad/other kiddos to that. Neutrals for dad are great, he is basically an accessory for mom at this point! Some photographers (like me!) even have client closets with gorgeous bump flattering dresses included in their packages!
  3. Not a dress fan? - Cozy sweaters with leggings or a long cardigan with boots are cute alternatives for a maternity photoshoot.
  4. Outdoor vs. Studio - Consider whether you want a studio session or outdoor photos! Season could affect your decision; too hot or too cold outside could make you want a cozy indoor photoshoot. But temperature allowing, outdoors can make a great, natural setting for capturing your sweet baby bump.

No matter how you feel during pregnancy, trust me when I say you look AMAZING! I’ve had numerous mamas tell me they almost didn’t schedule them, and they are so glad they went through with it. Your body is doing something INCREDIBLE, and it’s so fun to document this exciting time anticipating baby’s arrival!

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