Whether you've been trying for a while or got pregnant quickly, many couples find themselves going, "Now what?!" The new stress can be overwhelming. That's why I created a quick list of things to be thinking about when you find out you're expecting a baby. With these tips you can feel confident in knowing how to start preparing for your new little one.

Baby Prep Starts Here

  1. Find Your Healthcare Providers - Decide if you want to deliver in a hospital or midwifery/home birth. You will need a pediatrician once baby arrives too - ask your friends for their recommendations for all providers. Consider a doula as well; they can be an incredible addition to your birth team!
  2. Consider Childcare - Will you get to stay home with your little one or go back to work? If needed look at getting on a daycare list ASAP as childcare is hard to find sometimes.
  3. Nursery Basics - You won't need it all right away, but you'll need some sort of nursery eventually! Crib, rocking chair, changing table - You can find my favorite minimalist nursery supply list for your registry here.
  4. Research Pregnancy Tips - Pinterest is full of ideas; search nausea relief, chiropractic care, fitness and diet recommendations so you can rock this pregnancy!
  5. Last But Not Least...Photos! - Will you want maternity and newborn pictures? Better to book those sooner rather than later, as many photographers' schedules book up in advance. Don't miss out on documenting these special moments!