Have you ever paid for a professional photo session and then never did anything with the pictures after sharing on social? Many mamas freeze and can’t make decisions about what to do with their photos, or simply never find time to order. You’re busy! I created this quick list of ideas to help you dream up ways to display those beautiful memories you made.

How to display your photos in your home

  1. Frame them or print on canvas - Imagine walking through your living room and seeing your favorite people in large frames on the wall, reminding you why you work so hard to provide and care for them.
  2. Photo books - Take the best shots and make an heirloom photo book you can keep and pass down for generations. A great conversation piece for your coffee table. (My sessions include these!)
  3. Wood or glass photo box - Perfect for a dresser or bookshelf, flip back through your photos whenever you need a smile. You could even set a small frame next to it and change out the photo occasionally!

I hope this gives you some simple ideas on how to use your photos in your home! I help my clients with this very thing every day, it’s so rewarding for both me and them to see their family as art.

photo book
glass photo box