Hi, I’m Sara Nuzum.

I moved to Hesston, KS in the fall of 2019 with my husband and son. A month later we had our second son! They are 18 months apart and already keep me on my toes. Once my second boy was on the way, I felt the Lord calling me to stay home to raise them. I am so grateful to be able to do that and grow my photography business!

Motherhood, babies and family are so special to me. We struggled with infertility for about two years before conceiving our first son. We know God was using that time to grow our faith and trust in Him. After seeing a specialist and not discovering any issues, we did a round of timed ovulation with an injection and it worked! Our first little man was on the way.

Infertility is WAY more common than I ever knew. I seem to know more women struggling with it than ladies that don't! It's such a private battle, and it can be so lonely and difficult if you don't open up. I encourage women to talk to a friend or find a group of others going through the same thing. Prayer is so powerful, and it feels amazing knowing you have a group of prayer warriors out there supporting you!

My experience and hearing so many stories of other women going through infertility has motivated me to focus my business on mothers, babies and families. I know the journey can be so tough, and I want to be there for all the mamas when they are ready to celebrate milestones like pregnancy, newborns and growing families!

At my shoots we always have a good time. I believe relaxing, silly moments, and just plain fun make for the best natural photos. I focus on creating a great experience, which results in great photos.

More About Me

I have been shooting for over eleven years, and I am constantly growing. I have a bachelor's degree in art (photography), I've taken classes through KPPA, and further educated myself with countless online training workshops, webinars and videos on photography and Photoshop. I also seem to teach myself something new with every photoshoot I do, even after all these years!

“I am still learning”