Working with Sara


Moms don't have the time to decide what everyone will wear for photos, where to have them taken, which photos to print and what sizes, how to frame and hang them, how to design a photo book, where to order all of that from to get good quality...the list goes on. But you know what? All of that is MY job!

When you work with me you get a custom, complete experience that takes ALL of that off your plate. I guide you through each and every step and handle as much as possible for you behind the scenes so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Step One

We jump on the phone, and I'll ask all about your family, your hopes for your session, and what you want to do with your images. If you have wall spaces you’d like framed portraits for, a display box with a frame you can change out, anything beyond your included album. If you prefer, we can meet for this consultation in person at my Newton studio to view some samples, and dresses in my client closet. Colors/outfits and locations are also planned out in our first meeting.

Then we just do half down as a deposit to make it official!

Step Two

We meet for our photoshoot! All of my shoots are relaxing and fun. We let the children lead with regard to participation; if they don't want to do one pose or activity, we change it up until they're happy! I'm extremely patient in my work, and don't set time limits so if a little one is taking a long time to sooth or warm up to me it's completely ok. My shooting style includes both posed and candid images, creating great variety and natural expressions. We will play, laugh, and have a memorable time together!

Step Three

Following our session we will have a viewing and ordering appointment, where your lightly edited photos will be revealed to you for the first time! We will pick your 20 favorites for your album, then we will then consider your original plans for wall art and select photos for each need. Once your order is in and processed, I will deliver your artwork and even install wall portraits for you if you wish!

Interior design family photo hanging in a dining room

As busy moms, we have the best intentions when we have photos taken. But deciding which ones to print and where to hang them or what photo book design to do (not to mention the TIME this all takes) can be paralyzing. Many moms freeze and never do anything with their photos after they share them online. It's my job to help! Your experience with me will result in completed, hanging artwork and products in your home to enjoy every single day.